7 eco-conscious gifts to spoil Mum with this Mother's Day

"To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power. Or the climbing, falling colours of a rainbow." — Maya Angelou

Mother's Day is such a special time of the year: it’s a day where we all collectively come together and celebrate the woman that nurtured, cared for and raised us to be strong, independent women. So, why not spoil Mum this Mother's Day with an eco-conscious gift that is kind on the planet, and guaranteed to warm her heart. 

rubber plant in pot on wooden floor boards

Is there a better gift than a house plant? Plants are a fantastic way to brighten up a space, while offering additional benefits such as air purification and improved mood. 
For first-time plant mums (who may not have green thumbs), we suggest something on the sturdier side such as a succulent. Baby Rubber Plants or Aloe Vera are perfect table pieces, and are virtually indestructible. For something a little different, what about a Monstera — also called Swisse Cheese Plant for their decorative leaves — to place by the window? If she's into flowers, we can't recommend Orchids enough! You can never go wrong with a plant. 
House plants are easily found at local nurseries, flower shops and supermarkets; or they can even be grown using cuttings from friends and families!  With a bit of love, and water, house plants are long-lasting gifts: the ultimate eco present. 
girl posing wearing pink pjama set


Mum deserves to feel as though she’s relaxing in her own luxurious day spa, while being spoilt this Mother's Day. Luckily for her, at Robb & Lulu we specialise in divine organic cotton women’s clothing, with a stunning array of options that are guaranteed to excite Mum and keep her on-trend as the days get colder. 

Why not pop one of our Long Sleeve or Short Sleeve PJ sets into your cart? These women’s sleepwear sets come in our signature Rose Quartz and Grey Marle, and have been constructed in our signature organic cotton slub jersey and French terry knits. Constructed from 100% organic cotton, these women’s pyjamas guarantee a cosy warmth, whilst still remaining breathable. Additionally, each of our women’s organic cotton sleepwear sets comes with its very own matching organic cotton bag, constructed from fabric off-cuts to reduce waste. 

Snuggled up in our pure cotton pyjamas, Mum can relax knowing that what she’s wearing is not only stylish, but is also helping, not hindering, the health of the planet. Shop our women’s organic cotton sleepwear sets here.

3. Adopt a native animal from the World Wildlife Fund in her name.

Australia is a country that is rich with a uniquely diverse array fauna. Although these beautiful animals used to thrive in the wild, many have become critically endangered as a result of human intervention. Why not donate to the World Wildlife Fund this Mother's Day, or adopt a native animal in Mum's honour? All proceeds go towards habitat restoration, disease treatment and improving the capacity of wildlife hospitals. Plus, she'll get a cute cuddly toy, adoption certificate, and WFF booklet. 
As official brand partners with the WWF, this is an area that the team and Robb & Lulu are particularly passionate about, and we feel offers a thoughtful gift in a time when materialism often leaves us with unwanted gifts.



Accentuate Mum's inner beauty by surprising her with a sugar lip scrub! A quick and sustainable alternative to purchasing ready-made beauty products, a homemade lip scrub is an essential step in any beauty routine. A natural exfoliant, homemade lip scrubs leave the wearer with nourished, hydrated lips that are smooth, plump and make-up ready. 

For a basic sugar lip scrub, all you need is:

2tbs of Sugar.
1tbs of Coconut oil.
1tbs of Honey.
Combine ingredients in a bowl and transfer them into a small container. Apply gently, and remove with a warm cloth after a minute or two, to experience the joy of soft, luscious lips. 
This base recipe offers a plethora of opportunities for creativity, with easy additions including lemon rind, ginger fresh mint and coffee, amongst others. Consider creating Mum a custom collection of different flavoured scrubs! 
Upcycle an old denim jacket by using fabric paint to create a fun new design.


Fast fashion is a noted cause of overconsumption, with microtrends becoming something of an epidemic. We are fast becoming a society that doesn't consider the planet when updating our wardrobes.  Why not consider upcycling something she already has? With her permission of course — we're not suggesting you start cutting up her favourite pair of tights in the name of sustainability. 

There are a multitude of ways you can create a brand new garment out of something already in her wardrobe.  Consider painting a pattern onto her old denim jacket, tie-dying a shirt or even adding some embroidery to a jumper! Creative upcycling techniques such as these, mean Mum gets a new wardrobe, and you've helped stem the issue of overconsumption. 


Get the kids involved by creating Mother's Day coupons for Mum to redeem on her special day. Each coupon correlates to one act of service to either help Mum out around the house or to just show her how much you care.

Free templates are available online, or you can get crafty and make your own design. All you need is some paper, scissors, and a bit of compassion. Mum will appreciate your kind thoughts and is sure to feel grateful she’s able to put her feet up and relax. 


Although we aren't specifically suggesting you buy Mum an entire Farmer's Market — she probably does deserve it though — they are a great place to support local businesses, and find all the ingredients necessary to make the perfect Mother’s Day brunch.

 From jams to artisanal cheeses, organic wines to fresh-squeezed orange juice and everything in between, Farmers' Markets have something for everyone. The Victorian Farmers Market Association Website lists all accredited (meaning that who you’re buying from, grew/made the product) each weekend, and with many across the state, there’s bound to be one near you. Don’t forget a bunch of fresh flowers on the way out!

Mothers are some of the strongest, most powerful people on earth. From all of us here at Robb & Lulu, we wish all our incredible mothers a very Happy Mother's Day.

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