Introducing: Our New Hero Pack™ Waste-Free Packaging


It might not be something you’ve ever thought about, but the way that your online order is packaged can have a significant environmental impact.
Globally, about 161 million tonnes of plastic packaging is produced every year, with less than 5% of total plastic produced being recycled. Moreover, significant quantities of crude oil are required to produce plastics: they therefore not only pollute our oceans when incorrectly disposed of, but plastics also have a significant carbon footprint in their production thus increasing long-term climate change effects.

 Graph showing plastic waste produced globally, by sector in millions of tonne per year.


Sustainability is at the core of Robb & Lulu’s brand ethos. We strive to embody sustainability in all aspects of our supply chain. We recognise that successfully implementing sustainable practices is more than simply having a positive environmental impact: it’s also encouraging sustainable and equitable economies, and social behaviours. This is why we only use organic, natural fibres in all our products; and why choosing a female-led factory that pays a liveable wage is one of our key brand priorities. It is with these core values in mind that we are choose to only use Hero Packaging™ when shipping our online orders.
About ero
Winslow relaxed organic cotton pant and Athens fitted organic cotton tank folded next to Indigenous art compostable mailer.
Hero Packs™ are made from compostable corn starch and organic binding agents. Once used, they can be put in a household composting bin and will breakdown into plant food within 3-4 months. Although we’ve used Hero Packs™ since we began our adventure into sustainable fashion, when they recently released their new First Nations Mailers we saw our perfect packaging. First Nations Mailers are a new collaboration between Hero Packaging™ and Yarli Creative — the art practice of Yorta Yorta, Dja Dja Wurrung and Gamilaroi Woman Madison Conners. The current print adorning these biodegradable mailers is entitled Wala Connections, and speaks to the importance of water in Indigenous culture as not only a source of life sustenance, but also as link between diverse communities across the land.
 Online orders ready to be shipped in new compostable mailing satchels emblazoned with Indigenous artwork.
Additionally, 20% of all profits from these beautiful satchels goes directly to the not-for-profit Children’s Ground. Children’s Ground works directly with Community Elders to implement programs in communities across Australia, based on principles of Indigenous Knowledge Systems. Incorporating Indigenous Knowledge removes an element of paternalism, often found in development organisations, which ensure that Indigenous children obtain the best possible outcome. Linking children with their traditional culture and knowledges, not only improves environmental protection and regeneration, but it reduces these children’s likelihood of ending up in the custody of DHS or in juvenile correction services.
Madison Connors, founder of Yarlia Creative.
Thus, these new compostable mailers embody each core aspect of sustainability as we define it in our brand ethos: not only do they offer an environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional plastic mailers, but they actively support the equity of our First Nations People in both the economy, and society. For us to truly move forward sustainably, as a country, this recognition of continued inequities will be integral. We are so proud as a brand to be able to help shape the path going forward, to a more just and safer climate future.
Quote: we must be kind to ourselves, to others, and to the environment.

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