Responsible Beach Bag: Your Guide to Eco-Friendly Brands

We make every effort to ensure our Swimwear is not only sustainably sourced and produced, but that every step of the design and sale process is as ethical and environmentally responsible as possible! We know that Mother Earth needs a little support and so we decided to help you navigate the beach this summer with our guide to brands you should be throwing into your beach bag - whether you decide to stay local or travel afar.


First thing’s first - this really wouldn’t be a great bag guide if we didn’t start with a bag. Beach’d use globally sourced fair-trade, natural materials to create chic beach bags that don’t cost the earth (see what we did there?). Their products are handmade with eco friendly Sea Grass, heat resistant and include removable linings which make keeping them clean super easy! We particularly love their Market totes - we think they are perfect to be styled with our Lover’s Garden collection. 

Pangea Organics

Your skin can absorb over 60% of what you apply to it - so it makes sense to be educated when it comes to what is in our Skincare products. Not only do we want to be confident that the products we use are doing US good, but we want to be confident they are helping preserve our environment too. Pangea organics source their ingredients from organic farmers, exclusive of any GMO ingredients and the majority of their products are also Vegan friendly - the company is registered as a cruelty free brand and declare they never test on animals on their website. Their body washes and lip balms are consumer favourites: 


Lush have never been quiet about their commitment to ending Animal Testing and providing environmentally friendly products. Their entire range is 100% Vegetarian, handmade, and they even encourage the recycling of their packaging with incentives such as a free face mask when you return 5 of your old containers (our favourite is the Mask of Magnaminty). Lush also strive to provide preservative free cosmetics, and as a result a considerable amount of their products are self preserving! We recommend getting your hands on one of their famous Shampoo Bar’s if you’re travelling, as they last forever and won’t take up space in your liquids bag! 



We know, we know. Nobody wants to wear makeup at the beach! However if you do find yourself heading straight for the bar from the sand, and you need a little natural looking flush (providing you followed our earlier advice and protected your skin!) we swear by Tarte’s cheek stain. Tarte are one of our all time favourite beauty brands, making it super easy to identify which of their products are completely Vegan! So it was a no-brainier to include them in our Beach Bag guide. Their blush is water based so light enough that you won’t feel overdone, and is full of natural ingredients designed to revive your skin such as Açai and Pomegranate. - Side note: their Lights, Camera, Lashes Mascara is also reviewed to be one of the best Vegan Mascara’s on the market! 

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