Ambassador Spotlight - Milly Bannister

Come sit down with us as we get to know a little more about our favourite R&L Ambassador and all round legend Milly! Having made the move from Melbourne to Sydney (with little Frankie dog in tow) this gal is killing it in the content creation space and leading the charge when it comes to talking about today's big issues (in a fun and relatable way)

Let's get to it!

Name – Milly Bannister

Age – 25

Location – Sydney

Currently wearing? – Pyjamas

You’ve just made the move to Sydney! How was it!?

Sydney has been great for me and my pup Frankie. We’ve hit the ground running and joined a stunning co-working space, met friends at the dog park and eaten our way through Surry Hills. The change of scenery has motivated me to take pilates classes, get outside and start drinking coffee (with oat milk, obviously).

What does your typical Saturday look like?

Saturday mornings are my absolute favourite part of the week. I sleep in with Frankie and lay in bed on my phone or reading a good book. Then I start my chore list which usually includes tidying, laundry and filming content for the week. I take an 11am Retroswear cardio class and then get breakfast (scrambled eggs on avocado toast) either by myself or with a friend. Then comes the Big Saturday Arvo Nap before a night in or a cheeky dinner situation.

What was your dream job as a little one?


What would you tell your younger self now?

It gets so much better, keep going.

Tell us about We are Allknd!

I founded ALLKND last year - an impact-led, Gen Z forward, not-for-profit, reducing the national youth suicide rate by teaching Australia's first digital, peer-to-peer mental health first aid program, at scale around the country. We believe in the #knowmoredomore effect. We’re on a mission to inspire compassion, smash the stigma and save young lives.

Last thing you binged on? TV or Food

Both at the same time - always!

Winter seems to be never ending! Where would be your dream winter getaway?

I’d love to visit the Glasshouse Mountains or somewhere local I’ve never been, with a group of mates, the dogs and sit by the fire at night time.

Describe your style!

Good question honestly - I have nooo idea. I think it’s probably, if corporate chic and streetstyle had a baby?

Favourite thing in your wardrobe?

My French trenchcoat. And basics. Basics make me happy.


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