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Robb & Lulu is a natural and organic clothing company with a simple philosophy- to design and make beautiful, happy fashion while caring for our environment.

Born from a love affair with the natural world

Robb & Lulu is a conscious, happy and organic Australian fashion label with a passion for creating luxurious clothing that’s gentle on the earth. Sustainability, in all its aspects, is at the core of our business ethos, and we strive to embody principles of environmental, economic and social sustainability in each of our hand-crafted garments. We believe that we all share a common responsibility for the future and we create natural and organic clothing while caring for our environment. All of our garments are made using 100% Organic GOTS fabrics to ensure it is grown fairly with a minimal carbon footprint. We believe it is possible to enjoy luxurious, high quality fashion without compromising our planet. Our garments can be washed and used forever without loosing their quality or fit and are made only using premium organic and sustainable fabrics that have the least impact on our beautiful planet.

Throughout the entire manufacturing process our garments are made in a sustainable way. At Robb & Lulu we only use eco friendly and organic fabrics. We also want to limit our use of plastic, this is why we have made sure to use plastic free packaging that you are able to compost easily at your home. Robb & Lulu designs everything to last. That means investing in quality fabrics and workmanship. It is important to us that everyone who works with Robb & Lulu in treated fairly. Hence our garments are made fairly in India in a female-run workplace. We also use certified organic dyes for all our garments to be able to create beautiful fashion without compromising the planet. For every garment we sell we donate a portion to the world wide fund. We believe in giving back and contribute to the protection of our beautiful planet.


Featuring statement prints inspired by the ever-changing seasons, our garments are constructed of pure GOTS certified organic cotton that softly cascades over your skin. Designed to pair seamlessly together, our garments allow you to create stylishly comfortable women’s outfits for everyday wear, as well as relaxing at home. Our garments are designed to pair easily with your existing wardrobe, and our comprehensive variety of styles and colours mean these organic clothing pieces can be layered and worn across all seasons.

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