Spa Day: Sensory Deprivation Therapy

By Jodie Robins

Sensory Deprivation Therapy - or Floating as it is sometimes known - consists of removing any external stimuli which may cause stress or distraction to aid in relaxation. Similar to meditation, the aim is to quieten the mind, short term benefits of this include leaving the patient feeling refreshed and relaxed. Longer term use has been linked to a decrease in stress related illnesses such as Depression, Anxiety and Insomnia.

However the benefits are allegedly not limited to mental health, some studies support the claims that extended use of Floatation therapy can improve our immune systems, prevent and cure headaches, improve energy levels and combat fatigue, ease physical pain, treat withdrawal symptoms, jet lag and even help with concentration.

The tanks themselves contain shallow water mixed with a considerable amount of Epsom Salts, heated to the same temperature as the human body so it is virtually undetectable on the skin, giving the feeling of weightlessness and - you guessed it - floating. Some Floatation centre’s provide music to relax the patient at the beginning of their session, however the idea of the therapy is to deprive all senses; Sound, Sight, Smell and Touch.

If you are experienced in meditation this therapy will be much easier to adapt to, whereas if you are new or have never tried meditation - it may take slightly longer for you to completely relax whilst inside one of the ‘Pods’, and fully immerse yourself in the experience. Once inside, it’s natural to assume that your eye’s will adjust to the darkness however this never happens, although the sensation of weightlessness quickly feels natural. The space inside the pod is smaller than you might expect but feels expanse, which will of course be unsettling to some and calming to others. As with most therapies, Floatation is not for everyone. We would recommend it for those who struggle to relax due to distraction or perhaps the uncontrollable urge to check your phone for example. And the best part is - you can wear your Robb and Lulu Swimwear!

So, unless you suffer from any phobia’s that could be triggered by the therapy, we recommend giving it a try.

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