Eli the Koala: Happy and Healthy

We must be kind to ourselves, to others, and to the environment.

— Lulu Zagame, Director of Robb & Lulu

Eli the Koala, happy and healthy. Source: WWF.

Robb & Lulu is a sustainable Australian fashion company built on an ethos of respect for the natural world. Across our brands, we actively partner with independent organisations working towards the restoration of natural environments, and the protection and preservation of vulnerable species. We are so proud to have a strong partnership with the WWF, and to be able to support their Koala habitat restoration and protection program through our brand Lulu Organic Essentials.

The fire season of 2019/20 is etched into the collective memory of Australia as one of the worst seasons on record, with several million of our endemic animals were gravely impacted by the fires. In particular, around 60,000 koalas were impacted by the fires, which exacerbated their already challenging condition owing to habitat destruction. In Australia, the WWF helps rehabilitate koalas who have been orphaned, or adversely impacted by climatic events or habitat destruction. Additionally, the WWF also offers support to Bangalow Koalas’ 100,000 tree project. This project aims to reforest areas of the Northern Rivers Region in NSW in order to provide more extensive Koala habitat, and to re-join existing koala corridors that have been destroyed through land-clearing.
Through Lulu Organic Essentials, we donate portion of each sale towards the WWF, in order to support these important projects. With each purchase from our Lulu Organic Essentials range, you will be actively contributing towards these projects. That’s why we’re so thrilled to be able to share our latest update with you, our wonderful customers. Over time, we’ve been following the story of Eli — a Koala left orphaned after his Mum was found deceased. We’re so thrilled to hear about Eli’s cheeky personality coming through. He loves climbing trees, and having cuddles with his carers at the Ipswich Koala Protection Society, but if something isn’t to his liking he lets his carers know by crying until they fix it!
Stories like this warm our hearts, and remind us of the fact that it’s not just us living on this planet: there are other living beings, with personalities, that are vulnerable to changes brought about by our decisions. By shopping with Robb & Lulu, you can be secure in the knowledge that those gorgeous threads are actively helping to preserve and restore our unique wildlife.

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